Flex filler



✔Connecting and filling cracked regions of worn old automobile seat upholstery

✔Filling cracks on steering wheels, seats, armrests, and gear shift

✔Easy to apply

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Flex Filler is the most advanced natural leather crack filling material, and it’s used for:

– Filling abrasions on the leather’s surface;

– Connecting and filling highly damaged regions of worn out automobile seat upholstery;

– Filling cracks on steering wheels and gear shifts.

This substance is a paste that can be applied to the affected area and provides resistance to the connection between the leather edges. The surface should be lightly sanded after drying, and then cleaned. As a result, the surface remains incredibly elastic and robust, much like the original leather that has been damaged.

It is recommended that the surface be prepared with FINISH CONVERTER and LEATHER DEGREASER before applying the material. Allow the product to cure for a few hours after it has been fixed, preferably at room temperature. The refinement results in a silky smooth surface that closely resembles natural leather.

Flex Filler can be blended with leather dye to match the original hue, resulting in a superior finish. Flex Filler creates a flexible layer that is resistant to injury and exploitation.


10ml. / 0.33oz., 50ml. / 1.70oz., 600ml. / 20.28oz.


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