Automotive screen cleaner 100ml.



Do you want to clean your car screen easily and quickly?

AUTOMOTIVE SCREEN CLEANER 100ml. is a specially developed product for this purpose. With it, you can be sure that your display in the car, phone, home or office will always be crystal clear to create pleasure from its use.

The compact spray packaging of the product includes 100ml. liquid, which is enough for over 700 sprays.

Automotive Screen Cleaner has:

  • Fast action that guarantees easy cleaning in one movement of car screens, navigation and more.
  • No leaves traces and greasy stains after use, ensuring a clean and clear screen.
  • It doesn’t scratch the screens, which is important for preserving the quality of the screen.

Includes a specially selected microfiber cloth for easy application that does not harm and is ideal for cleaning the screen without leaving dust, lint and other traces.


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