Why and how to keep your car clean?

Keeping  your vehicle clean is essential for your comfort. We will give and explain a few tips on how to keep your vehicle clean and why it is important.

  •  Regular Exterior Wash
    One of the most basic and crucial steps: washing your vehicle regularly. We recommend washing at least once a month. More often if you live in a highly polluted area or an area with winter conditions. This helps prevent corrosion, dirt and paint damage.


  •  Regular interior cleaning
    Clean interior regularly to prevent the development of odours and the accumulation of dust and dirt. Don’t forget to clean the windows of the car as this improves visibility and safety on the road.


  •  Use car air fresheners to help neutralise unpleasant odours and provide a fresh pleasant scent.


  •  Rubbish removal
    Avoid built up of rubbish in your vehicle by regularly disposing of rubbish and using a portable bin or bags. This will also prevent the development of unpleasant odours and ensure a clean environment in your vehicle.
    Follow these basic and easy guidelines to ensure your car will always be clean and enjoyable to drive, no matter where you go.


Car interior and exterior clean

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