Three stage exterior wash? Why?

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Exterior wash

What do we use?  

Jet wash 😊, Citrus pre-wash pH neutral, Snow Foam pH neutral, Shampoo pH neutral, Wheels cleaner, Window cleaner ,2 buckets with grit ,2-3 Soft cloth (for windows), Dry cloth, Brushes for hardly reaching spaces, Brush for wheels, Tire dressing, Glass cleaner, Sponge applicator for tire dressing. 

Now many of you will be shocked, why are there all these products and tools, for a “SIMPLE” washing of the exterior?  

Let’s look in details

Citrus pre-wash pH neutral-Serves to loosen and remove dirt before starting the contact wash. Solution is applied from the middle to the thresholds and mainly the bottom part of the exterior. The deepest filth of mud, salt and others is most often buried there, leave it to work for about 2-3 minutes (depends on different brand) and then rinse it off. 




Snow Foam /Dirt Lifter pH neutral-Most people think that the snow foam is for effect, when we see a car whitened with a snow foam we say WOW. But the snow foam is not for beauty or to attract attention or because it is famous, it is important to prepare the entire of exterior for washing with shampoo. It removes all dust and micro particles from the exterior, so that it does not get scratched during hand washing with shampooHere we use detailed small brushes with which we remove dirt from inaccessible places, such as the bumpers, front grill, the exterior emblem, rubber seals on the windows, etc. It is left to act for about 4-5 minutes (depends on different brand), depending on the contamination, and then rinsed off.

Shampoo pH neutral-After we have removed most of the dirt and small particles from the exterior, we can safely apply shampoo using two buckets method which contains of grit and a wash mitt. After the entire exterior is covered, rinse thoroughly with water.  

Two buckets with grit are used so that the bucket with the shampoo can always remain clean when applying the shampoo. Every time the wash mitt is rinsed, the grate of the bucket is rubbed to remove any remaining adhering particles. 

Snoe foam

Wheels cleaner-Usually we clean the wheels before applying any kind of solutions into the exterior. We use a specialized solution and a brush, let it work for about 1-2 minutes (depends on different brand) and rinse. 

Tyre dressing – The final step, placed on the end of the tyres with a sponge applicator. We use a satin effect primer that is sprayed onto the tire and spread with a sponge. 


Drying the car-A very important step for the good-looking, already cleaned exterior. Some colleagues also use air blower, but we have stopped at manual dryingWe are using a soft cloth XL 1400 gsm, the direction of wiping should be up and down, not in circular motions.

Drying exteror

Windows clean – No matter how well we have cleaned and washed the exterior, we must always wipe the windows with a glass cleaner   and a microfiber cloth, this ensures better visibility of the driver and a good-looking appearance of the car. 

After reading the above, you understand yourself that a 3-stage wash requires, time usually takes between 45 minutes and 1 hour, quality products, attention to detail and, above all, love for the car. 

But it’s always worth it! 

After this method 3 stage of wash, the exterior of the car can resist against the dirt for a longer time and car will be washed much easier next time, its real shine can be seen.  

Never hesitate to ask what products will be using on your vehicle. The method of washing as well as the solutions used is important and you have the right to know.  

If you don’t take care, there is a risk that your car will be covered with swirls and marks on the bodywork of your vehicle, which will cost you extra and reduce its value if you don’t take care of it in the right way! And you don’t want that, do you? 


We hope you got useful information and now many of you would prefer to wash your cars in this way. We will be glad if you leave a comment, if you have already been to us and we have washed your car. 

We leave a link to all the products we use for exterior wash it is important for us that our customers are informed to verify the safety of the products and the method we use.  








Thank you for reading! 

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