Shoe Clean & Care


Kit was created for:

✔️Cleaning leather shoes, whether natural or synthetic.
✔️Leather shoes’ nutrition and protection
✔️Keeping filth from penetrating deep into the pores of the leather.
✔️Restoring the shoes’ natural lustre.
✔️Allowing leather to breathe simple and quick to use

We all enjoy fashion, especially when we dress in colours and styles that reflect our unique personalities rather than following fads. Clothing expresses our uniqueness, mentality, and present state of mind. Shoes, however, are the most damaged of all the forms of clothing. We take big steps into the future with them, participate in sports, and walk through the faults of city life or the freedom of nature. They absorb everything we put on them, thus they deserve extra attention.

We all know that putting leather shoes in the washing machine or hand-washing them is not a good idea. At the very least, they will be ruined, and at the very least, the desired outcome will not be achieved. That is why we invented the Shoe Clean & Care package, a new product for cleaning and preserving shoes that can also be used on purses and other small accessories made of genuine and synthetic leather. You may not only polish your shoes, but also preserve the quality of the leather and extend its life, by following a few simple and quick methods that include the use of a cleanser and nourishing detergent. Other forms of leather, such as suede and nubuck, are not compatible with the set.

A series of oils that penetrate the layers of the leather are the principal ingredient in the nourishing preparation’s recipe. Both products in the bundle are made specifically for leather and will not harm it. As a result, the natural hair brush aids in the elimination of debris and stains while maintaining the structure of the hair. As a result, Shoe Clean & Care is not only delicate, but also eco-friendly. Suitable for stains caused by mud, dust, food and beverage stains, as well as sediments accumulated over time. Designed with both ladies and gentlemen in mind. It’s suitable for both personal usage and as a gift.


The following items are included in Shoe Clean & Care:

120ml Shoe Cleaner – Water-based cleanser that doesn’t harm the leather’s structure, doesn’t block pores, and doesn’t dehydrate. In this method, leather may be kept for a longer time while still being able to “breathe freely.”

No pigments are discharged after use, ensuring that the shoes’ natural and rich hues are preserved. The side parts of the soles can also be cleaned using Shoe Cleaner, but yellowing becomes more difficult as a result.

Shoe Conditioner 120ml. – A nourishing treatment that is applied to the leather of the shoes after they have been cleaned to maintain it smooth and supple. It also forms a layer that shields the area from further deep pollutants and bad weather. UV protection is provided by the built-in UV filter.

The preparation has a light odour and a smooth texture, giving the leather a velvety feel.

Natural hair brush – Designed to clean shoes gently and effectively without causing damage to the leather while reaching the deepest layers and creases.

Microfiber cloth – A highly absorbent microfiber cloth that makes removing dirt from shoes a breeze.

Sponges are two foam applicators for applying Shoe Conditioner finely.



To use the Shoe Clean & Care kit, follow these instructions:

Spray Shoe Cleaner on your shoes and brush them clean with the brush included. Using a microfiber cloth, clean the surface. After that, use Shoe Conditioner to keep the leather looking its best. Using the pads supplied in the kit, spray on the surface and work your way through the entire shoe in circular motions.

Polish with a microfiber cloth after 10-15 minutes. Your new shoes are clean and ready to go on new adventures!

In the movies below, you can clearly observe the operation and the outcome:



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