Plastic Renovator


Product characteristics:


✔️Protects against climatic impacts by restoring the colour of fading and matte plastic surfaces.
✔️Protects surfaces made of plastic.
✔️Effortlessly removes all traces of varnish.
✔️Free of silicone

100 ml.

With time, the sun’s UV rays cause the plastic elements on the car’s exterior, such as bumpers, door mouldings, wipers, and mirrors, to fade, burn, and lose their colour, as well as their freshness. As a result, they appear worn and deteriorated.

Plastic Renovator is a ground-breaking solution for restoring exterior plastic surfaces. It interacts with the burned layer directly and chemically enters its micropores, engaging with the original pigment and reactivating it. As a result, the plastic reverts to its previous state. The material seals all micropores without affecting the basic relief structure defined for original manufacture after many hours of drying.

This product can be used on the outside of automobiles, motorbikes, buses, and trucks, etc., regardless of colour.

It’s not silicone-based, and it won’t wash off with water once it’s dried. It is free of staining and washing-away colours.


– Refreshes the colour of worn and matte plastic surfaces.
– It shields you from the effects of the environment.
– Provides protection for plastic surfaces.
– Removes varnish remnants.
– This product is silicone-free.
– Simple and quick to use.
– Can be used with any colour


Only for external parts
While in the shade, use only on well-washed, dried, degreased, and not hot surfaces. Gloves and an applicator should be used to apply the product. Wipe away any excess material with a sponge or lint-free cloth after 15 minutes. Repeat the previous steps if necessary. Allow several hours for absorption.


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