Leather Cleaner Light 120ml.



Autorenovation’s Leather Cleaner Light is ideal for cleaning soiled leather steering wheels.
Excellent for use on both genuine and synthetic leather.

Leather Cleaner Light is a dependable, water-based product that softly and effectively cleans the area without harming or degrading the look and feel of real leather while preserving its genuine colour.

Cleaning the afflicted regions is a crucial step in maintaining the surface, as hydration would be ineffective without it. This product must be able to function swiftly and easily while also effectively cleaning the pores in depth.
Leather cleanser fits these requirements and is suitable for use on smooth, porous, or perforated genuine or artificial leather.

It is a substance that does not harm the leather’s original structure.


1. Apply the product to the desired area.

2. Apply a brush to the area.

3. Using a microfiber cloth, remove any dirt.

The professional cleaning spray can also be used for the following tasks: – Cleaning the steering wheel of a car
– Cleaning leather armrests
– Car dashboard, doors, and plastic pieces

As a precaution, wear work gloves.


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