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Car interior valet

Step 1 Prepairing the car  interior This step is to remove all items from the interior of the car so they don’t get stuck in the way during service. We search the glove box, seats and doors pockets,and also every inch of the car interior to remove all junk, cushions, accessories, and other moving parts.

Step 2 Mats cleaning If the mats are rubber, first rinse them with water under pressure and apply a rubber solution to the surface of the mats. Scrub them well with a brush and rinse again with water. For fabric mats, we first vacuum thoroughly and then washes with an extractor with a carpet solution.

Step 3 Vacuum all car interior and seats      Here, we vacuum deep and every inch under the seats to prepare them for washing, between the seats, the seats themselves, back of the seats ,if there is dust on them and the boots as well.

Step 4 We get rid of the dust from the rest of the car interior  Side pockets, doors handles, air vents, radio , sat nav or media entertainment which accumulates high volume of dust. Using a small brush to clean the air vents and small inaccessible places, such as the dial buttons on the dashboard,steeringwheel and etc.

Step 5 Wipe the thresholds and doors We clean the thresholds and doors with a solution for plastic, If the doors are made of fabric, we wash them. 

Step 6 Clean the interior.  We clean and wash the carpet first to prevent any dust spreading into the headliner and all around the interior. Now it’s time for the headliner. To clean the headliner well, we use a very soft microfiber cloth and dedicated brush with a solution for fabric or Alcantara. Keep in mind that every headliner is special, that’s why before we clean the headliner we make a special request to our customers for permission. This is because if the ceiling is sagging, it is in danger of sagging even more. After headliner has been cleaned , we continue with the sun visors, belts, dashboard, cup holders, and the glove box. All of them are first cleaned very well with a special cleaner solution for interiors and plastics, and only after that we apply dressing into them to make them shine. We continues with the steering wheel, it is very important to be cleaned,becouse all the dirt from the hands accumulates there, we clean it with leather cleaner if it is leather and Alcantara cleaner if it is Alcantara.

Step 7 Washing of seats So here is the big question. Can it be called a washed seat if it is left with a detergent and then wiped??? – The answer is NO!!! Lots of customers coming to us with the problem with seats after “washing with spray and cloth”. This method does not wash your seat. it is only to wipe the seats. After this, you may get stains from the spray or shampoo, so you will get to use your seats with a problem. Lets back to our topic If the seats are made of fabric, we use an extractor and solution for fabric , which is diluted 1:10 or 1:5 in proportion depends of the dirt on the seats, if there are stains, etc. The solution we work with is designed to leave a fresh aroma in the car interior, as well as soften the fibres of the fabric. It won’t even need air freshener The process for leather seats is different, here we use a specialized leather cleaner , which we apply to a special brush with natural bristles and rubbing gently on the seats to remove dirt, then wipe with a clean microfiber cloth. After all the seats and leather parts have been cleaned, it’s time to apply leather protector lotion. It helps for the elasticity of the leather interior and protects against deep dirt,uv sunlight,ageing and abrasion. 

Step 8 Washing of carpet and boots     After we have already started a very deep and long vacuum , we can now wash the carpet and the boots. We do this again with an extractor, a special cleaner for carpets, which is diluted 1:10, but here the drill machine comes to help us, so that we can remove all small grains of sand, mud or other dirt that has accumulated over time. 

Step 9 Oh, finally one last vacuum  After all the hard work up to this point, we now have a brand-new car interior, but all the dust that has fallen from the seats, the carpet etc. needs to be completely wiped away, so in this step we run a final vacuum so that not a speck of dirt remains. 

Step 10 Wipe the windows In the last step, we clean all the windows from the inside with a glass cleaner of course and a microfiber cloth 

Time to call our customer to get their great looking car  If you’ve made it this far, congratulations. You already know what your interior will get from us  All the above pictures come from cleaned interiors of our customers. We hope they will inspire you to contact us to transform your interior too.

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